Telenet Communications Inc.
Systems Integration in today's complex environment of Client/Server, Intranet/Internet/Extranet, and other architectures requires a multidisciplinary approach and great attention to detail combined with highly professional business practices. Systems integrators today are called upon to seamlessly integrate legacy systems along with latest technologies, and demonstrate clear business benefits as results of their work.

Outsourcing IT projects, project leadership, infrastructure support and maintenance, and consulting with experienced, highly skilled and certified IT professionals can provide an organization with expertise and a level of service that it might not otherwise have access to. It reduces operational and support costs and allows the organization to focus resources on primary business functions.

Improper design, configuration or placement can present security risks, bandwidth inefficiencies that cost money through suboptimal performance and link utilization, and ultimately may lead to network outages which can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue. There are many value added configurations that are neglected by organization through lack of expertise that can improve performance and link efficiency saving money and improving user experience. Network performance, security and availability depend on proper design, proper configuration and proper integration. Security needs to be integrated into the network design from the start and no longer applied as an afterthought. We are your best choice for network consulting services. No guessing, no on the job learning. Just successful, experienced expertise and efficient customer focused results. Get it done right the first time.